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A still is worth a thousand

This is the offline cut of a spot I shot for a fashion mag with Olive Tree Productions in Beirut.

It is entirely made with still shots that are edited together at around 3fps.
I used my Canon MK II to do that using RAW format to have more color range. I shot just over 8000 stills over a full day but used a portion of that in the final edit of course.

Again this is the offline version. Will hopefully upload the final color corrected version soon.

How We Roll – a portrait of arab youth

This is a preview of a recent spot I shot for Barbican.
We had a lot of fun on the shoot and I hope it shows. I will upload a higher quality version on the showreel as soon as I get the final version.


Directory Listing is now featured on LebWeb, the lebanese directory for everything lebanese.

Generation Rewind

I edited this video to be featured during “Beirut Tout Court”, an event organized and hosted by Zoé productions as part of “Nhar Bi Salleh”.

more info about this video on the Vimeo link.

Generation Rewind from Chadi Younes on Vimeo.

I found a tape I shot in 2005 but had never seen since.
The label said: “March 14th”.

On that day 1 million Lebanese showed up at downtown Beirut to protest.

Put together, the footage turned out to be a beautiful portrait of a young generation that inherits the past and, inevitably, keeps repeating it.

Music track: “Gamma” (Original Mix) by Trentemoller & Buda - The Beatless Collection Vol. 1

The video was projected at Beirut Tout Court, hosted by Zoé productions in Lebanon in May 2009.

Generation Rewind from Chadi Younes on Vimeo.

Yin & Yang

Ragheb Alama “Sirr Hobbi” راغب علامة “سر حبي” ـ from Chadi Younes on Vimeo.

I directed this music video for a local pop star with an amazing crew through Zoé Films Beirut.

DOP: Dory Aoun
Production Design: Yehya Saadeh’s & crew @ Over Beirut.
Post Production: Hedgehog

This is the “Director’s cut”

According to Wikipedia, Yin & Yang “is used to describe how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn”.

Good & evil. Black and white. Male & female. East & west… See what came out in this music video I shot end of last year.

Through The Lens

The website is undergoing some changes. V3 will be online soon. One major addition will be a photography section – which has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was 16.

In the meantime I will piggy-back on my flickr account Watch a slideshow of my favorites here.

Little Old Ladies

So what does a zucchini have in common with a little old lady?
Watch this space and find out soon…


OK. I’m not really sure if it’s the clean air of Faraya Lebanon, or just the sheer entertainment value of the work.. but some of the projects I shot got an honorable mention at the MENA Cristal Awards. Either way I’m not complaining of course!

First on the list is the “What Type Are you” viral campaign for HSBC created by a wonderful team at JWT Dubai got the Cyber Cristal in the Insurance / Banking / Financial service category.

The MTV “Oud” spot I shot for TBWA just got a Cristal in the film category.

The Festival Grand Cristal went to Leo Burnett’s Women Empowerment Program’s integrated campaign which I had the pleasure of working on one of the spots.

Among the shortlisted were Showtime “Eyes” and MTV “Dabkeh” spots which I also directed.

hip hip..

Find the list of all the winners here.


So I was just checking if I was googlable enough by now :) and stumbled on a page on It features some of my work, specifically a case study on Barbican which was a huge marketing success. It also features a recent viral campaign I shot for HSBC.

find it here